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Kate Westbrook - Cuff Clout (CD)

Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 16th February 2004

Label: Floating World
Catalogue Number: VP310CD
Price: $10.49
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Kate Westbrook - Cuff Clout
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Kate Westbrook studied Fine Art and indeed continues to exhibit her art regularly. Kate Westbrook's musical career began in the mid seventies when she joined Mike Westbrook's Brass Band. Working in a number of styles over the years including contemporary music, Jazz, Music Hall and Opera, Kate has released a number of albums with Mike Westbrook, Lindsay Cooper, and Fine Trash and also in a solo capacity. In fact over the last twenty odd years Kate has managed to record over twenty albums. Kate has worked with some of the best musicians in the world and amongst them are the London Symphony orchestra on the Seven Deadly Sins written by Brecht and Weill and the television opera Good Friday 1663 that has subsequently been released as part of Jazzprint's Westbrook Music Theatre series. Moving into the more mainstream Kate has also recorded songs by the Beatles with the Westbrook band and also Arias by Rossini with the Mike Westbrook orchestra. Kate Westbrook also performs regularly with the Westbrook Trio which has clocked up over twenty years of concerts and recordings

Cuff Clout is a modern take on English Music Hall, Music Hall for the 21st Century if you like.

Working alongside John Winfield, Kate produces a number of settings either in a solo capacity or as a duo with John moving through a variety of different musical settings and utilising a number of different composers who have set Kate's words and texts to music. They include Lindsay Cooper, husband Mike Westbrook, Barbara Thompson and also features musical contributions from John Winfield. Mike Westbrook and Barbara Thompson in fact the twenty or so performers represent a cross section of the UK's most accomplished performers in the rock, jazz, classical and pop fields. The album was also engineered and directed by Barbara Thompson's husband respected jazz-rock drummer John Hiseman and features some of Kate Westbrook's finest and most varied vocal performances to date.

The Riddle
The Devil and the Canny Lad
My Lazy Goodheart
Toad's Washerwoman
One Cezzanne Apple
Cuff Clout


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