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Judge Smith - Orfeas (CD)

Genre: Rock/Experimental
Release Date: 26th March 2012

Label: Masters Of Art
Catalogue Number: MASTER106
Price: $14.29
Available: In Stock

Judge Smith - Orfeas
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Judge's third Songstory is a retelling of the ancient myth of Orpheus, the magical musician who travels to the Land of the Dead in search of the lost Eurydice. Orfeas features John 'Fury' Ellis, David Jackson & Lene Lovich, and the following cast of performers: Gigi Cavalli Cocchi, René van Commenée, Dorie Jackson, David Minnick, Ben Nation, Ricardo Odriozola, Marco Olivotto, 'Black Path', Bert Santilly, David Shaw-Parker & Judge Smith. Orfeas is performed by seven separate ensembles, playing entirely different kinds of music, including Rock Band, String Sextet, Mediterranean Guitar, Classic Trance and Death Metal. The CD has 34 Tracks and a running time of 77'42"

1. Act One - Hamartia - The Bard - One
2. Rundown Rudi
3. Soliloquy
4. Seven Yard Promenade
5. Interview - One
6. Orphic Lullaby
7. Soliloquy - Two
8. Wolfman George
9. Soliloquy - Three
10. Act Two - Anagnorisis - The Bard - Two
11. Soliloquy - Four
12. In-Flight Movie - One
13. Orfeas and Eurydice - One
14. In-Flight Movie - Two
15. In Hell - One
16. Carpet of Bones
17. In Hell - Two
18. In-Flight Movie - Three
19. Orfeas and Eurydice - Two
20. The Crab Nebula
21. Orfeas and Eurydice - Three
22. Orfeas Audition
23. Don't Look Back
24. In-Flight Movie - Four
25. Act Three - Peripeteia
26. Interview - Two
27. Fishin' In The Styx
28. Soliloquy - Five
29. Don't Deafen Me, Persephone
30. The Bard - Three
31. Soliloquy - Six
32. Catastrophe in Czecho
33. An Announcement
34. Tear Him Asunder
35. The Bard - Four


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