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Tony Ashton and friends - Live at Abbey Road (2CD1DVD)

Release Date: 31st March 2017

Label: Gonzo
Catalogue Number: HST434CD-DVD
Price: $14.49
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Tony Ashton and friends - Live at Abbey Road
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Tony Ashton with: Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, Neil Murray, John Entwhistle, Zak Starkey (Ringo’s son), Zoot Money, Chris Barber and others…..

Live at Abbey Road 2001 (double CD and dvd)

Edward Anthony "Tony" Ashton (1 March 1946 – 28 May 2001) was an English rock pianist, keyboardist, singer, composer, producer and artist. This record, recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studio in 2000, capturing a unique night of what Tony would come to call, “Endangered  Spices”. The Endangered Spices he is talking about are none other than  a plethora of distinguished friends including: Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, Neil Murray, John Entwhistle, Zak Starkey (Ringo’s son), Zoot Money, Chris Barber to name but a few.

As you might expect given that it was recorded Sgt Pepper engineer Geoff Emerick at Abbey Road, the sound quality is absolutely first rate. The picture quality is also of a very high quality, shot using state of the art equipment for the time, by film director Mike Figgis. Most of the show is shown in crisp colour, but there are also artsy black'n'white "atmospheric" shots interspersed.

The concert itself was a magical event and this double CD and DVD captures the vibe perfectly. It all starts in earnest when Ewan McGregor introduces the main man himself and Tony Ashton and his band perform their set. The three-song set is highly enjoyable, showcasing Tony's wonderful talents as pianist/vocalist and showman and also featuring some lengthy jamming and great improvised interplay between Tony and his excellent guitarist (Laurie Wisefield). Tony is in fine form and seems to be enjoying the occasion. The audience, which at this point had just filled out, comes alive and the atmosphere rises up a few obvious notches.

Following on from the Ashton set we get the reformed version of the classic late 70's / early-80's formation of Whitesnake aka “Company of Snakes” (Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Bernie Marsden, Micky Moody, Neil Murray, with Stefan Berggren handling David Coverdale's duties). These guys dish up a set of crowd-pleasing favourites from yesteryear that really give the old aficionado’s in the audience exactly what the doctor ordered. It is sing-along galore during the likes of : “Ready'n'Willing”, “Ain’t No Love” and “Here I Go Again”.

Then, what happened next, would turn an otherwise brilliant night into legendary! Ian Paice,  Tony Ashton Jon Lord (Paice, Ashton and Lord) took the stage for the first (and only time) since 1977.  Opening with the classic "Ghost Story" and continuing into "Sneaky Private Lee", the band, featuring Howie Casey in the Brass section and the original Backing girl vocalists, do a fantastic job of belting out the songs, true to the original, albeit with Bernie Marsden handling the vocals. When Resurrection Shuffle, Ashton's signature hit from the seventies cranks up and Ashton takes over vocals, the party well and truly begins with the band and audience celebrating what had been a really fantastic evening. Ashton decides to launch into "Why Don't You Stay", which seemingly had not been rehearsed, and proceeds to shout out the chords to the band, which pick it up instantly and put in a stellar performance. It really is a lovely and emotional ending...with Ashton signing-off in style.

This Double CD/DVD to all Tony Ashton fans (obviously), as well as any fans of the original Whitesnake and Paice Ashton Lord. Fans of Deep Purple should enjoy this and general fans of British rock/jazz/blues should appreciate it. 


Disc: 1

  1. Let's Have A Party

  2. It's All Over Now

  3. Never Make Your Move Too Soon

  4. It Never Rains But It Pours - Johnnie Johnson

  5. Be-Bop Beauty - John Entwistle Band (THE WHO)

  6. Shake Rattle And Roll

  7. That's All Right Mama

  8. Roadrunner / My Generation

  9. Mess Of Blues

  10. Ewan McGregor Introduction

  11. One Room Country Shack

  12. Mercy Mercy

  13. No Money Down


Disc: 2

  1. Ain't Gonna Cry No More

  2. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues

  3. Ready An' Willing

  4. Fool For Your Loving

  5. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City

  6. Here I Go Again PAL - Paice, Ashton, Lord

  7. Ghost Story

  8. Sneaky Private Lee

  9. Resurrection Shuffle

  10. Stay


Disc: 3

  1. DVD: Let's Have A Party - Pete York & Eddie Hardin

  2. DVD: It's All Over Now - Pete York & Eddie Hardin

  3. DVD: Never Make Your Move Too Soon - Pete York & Eddie Hardin

  4. DVD: It Never Rains But It Pours - Pete York & Eddie Hardin

  5. DVD: Be-Bop Beauty - Johnnie Johnson

  6. DVD: Shake Rattle And Roll - John Entwistle Band

  7. DVD: That's All Right Mama - John Entwistle Band

  8. DVD: Roadrunner / My - John Entwistle Band

  9. DVD: Mess Of Blues - John Entwistle Band

  10. DVD: One Room Country Shack - Ewan McGregor Introduction Tony Ashton Band

  11. DVD: Mercy Mercy - Ewan McGregor Introduction Tony Ashton Band

  12. DVD: No Money Down - Ewan McGregor Introduction Tony Ashton Band

  13. DVD: Ain't Gonna Cry No More - Company Of Snake

  14. DVD: Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues - Company Of Snake

  15. DVD: Ready An' Willing - Company Of Snake

  16. DVD: Fool For Your Loving - Company Of Snake

  17. DVD: Ain't No Love In The - Company Of Snake

  18. DVD: Here I Go Again - Company Of Snake

  19. DVD: Ghost Story - PAL: Paice, Ashton, Lord

  20. DVD: Sneaky Private Lee - PAL: Paice, Ashton, Lord

  21. DVD: Resurrection Shuffle - PAL: Paice, Ashton, Lord

  22. DVD: Why Don't You Stay - PAL: Paice, Ashton, Lord

  23. Endangered Species History and Photo Gallery - [BONUS MATERIAL]


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