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GONZO WEEKLY #50: Dan Wooding

Rick Wakeman writes:

"There have always been certain ‘careers’ that have fascinated the public, newspapers, and the media in general. Such include musicians, actors, sportsmen, police, and not surprisingly, the people who give the police their employment: The criminal.

For the man in the street, all these careers have one thing in common: they are seemingly beyond both his reach and, in many cases, understanding and as such, his only association can be through the media of newspapers or television.

The police, however, will always require the services of the grass, the squealer, the snitch, (call him what you will), in order to assist in their investigations and arrests; and amazingly, this is the area that seldom gets written about.

A very close and long standing friend of mine, a jolly Birmingham chap, by the name of Dan Wooding, who has since 1982 has lived in Southern California, ‘Collared’ the King of the Squealers and somehow got him to ‘spill the beans’......all of them !

I also met and knew ‘the King Squealer’ well, but his story remained a secret until Dan Wooding managed to persuade him to ‘talk’.

His story covers almost every emotion. Sad, serious and sometimes hysterically funny -- you cannot help but be fascinated by the extraordinary life of Maurice O’Mahoney - the King Squealer."

In November 2013, Jon talks to Dan about this extraordinary book.


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